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On this special 50th episode I am on the line with the crew that started it all. I talk with Coach Dos, Josh Henkin, and Chad Skrederstu about the current fitness industry, the future of the fitness industry, and how to be a better trainer. We talk about why internet trainers are the worst, how to spot someone that is making up a program on the spot, and how quantifying your clients readiness is necessary for the best training programs possible. 

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Coach Dos is back! on this episode we talk about strength training for female athletes. What are the differences between males and females, should we look to instagram for how to train athletes, and the mentality of females in the weightroom (hint: they rock!). 

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On this episode I talk with 2 really cool guys trying to change the very nature of Strength and conditioning and performance training in the middle east through their company Kinetik SCJassim Alaamer and Khaled AlNasir are 2 young coaches who have decided to form a company to transform education and the entire fitness profession in the Middle East. 

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