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On this episode Dos and I revisit HIIT again after an episode of Sweat Inc showed that some trainers are still not getting it. 


Dos lays out some of his best protocols for HIIT and we answer some listener questions


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On this episode we have Alwyn Cosgrove on to answer listener questions. Including, how to determine the benefit of an exercise (front squats vs zercher), marketing and how to differentiate your business in a crowded field. If lifters over 40 should only do bodyweight exercise and more. 


Learn more about Alwyn at:

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In this episode I take you through a 12 week preparation cycle for a weightlifting meet including what to do to ensure ultimate success on the platform at the meet itself. 

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On this episode Coach Dos and I interview weightlifting coach, strength coach, and farmer Dane Miller. 


We talk about his gym Garage Strength (, farming, how to create culture in a gym, and why he started his own supplement business ( because of shadiness in the supplement industry. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I switch roles and he intereviews me on how to start a gym. How to know if it is the right time, how to finance, if financing is the right way. We even dive into the most effective facebook marketing strategies. 

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In this episode coach Dos and I talk about what you need to use to fill out your program and why squat and deadlift might get you most of the way there but aren't enough to make great athletes. 


We also take listener questions from our facebook and twitter accounts

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On this episode coach Dos and I talk about how to train for power and explosiveness without using Olympic weightlifting. Learn how to evaluate methods of training for power and how to get the most out of your training sessions when equipment, time or abilities are short. 

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Coach Dos goes deep on how to design programs. Exclusively on the Performance Podcast, learn how Dos designs programs. 

Coach Dos just released Complete Program Design this is a must have product for coaches of all levels. Learn EXACTLY how he designs programs, with descriptions of how he coaches the movements, 6+DVD's, and the kicker...

Dropdown, editable workout cards. 

Check out Complete Program Design HERE

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Where most coaches go wrong with continuing ed. 


Coach Dos and i talk about what we see trainers doing wrong when it comes to their continuing ed, and why it is important to have a plan and then stay in your own lane! 

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Make sure to check out Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook on Amazon. 

In this episode hear all about my new book, and catch up on some of the cool stuff Dos and Wil have been doing!

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In this episode I interview OLIFT magazine editor in chief, Anton Jefferson. 


OLIFT magazine was founded in 2012 and brings great weightlifting content from lifters and coaches in a print format every quarter. 


If you are interested in OLIFT you can check out their fundraising Kickstarter page...


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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how to build your ultimate home gym set up. We discuss different budget options from small to HUGE, but give youa  blueprint for staying fit or getting strong at home. 

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On this episode coach Dos and I talk about unconventional training tools like the sandbag, sled, kettlebells and more. We give you a blue print on how to consider if they are worthwhile additions to the barbell and dumbbell, and tell you why you are making a big mistake if you are replacing your current tools and not just adding to them. 

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Coach Dos and I are BACK! We talk about getting the most out of your athletes, lifestyle modifcation, and some info I got from Baylor strength coach Kaz Kazidi. Coach Dos and I riff on the idea of "Celebrity Workouts" and who you should listen to! 

Join us WEEKLY from now on on Tuesdays!

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