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We have a new show on the Performance Podcast Network. The Performance Weightlifting Podcast, is a bi-weekly show with me and Dane Miller as hosts. Listen in as we interview the best coaches in weightlifting, to see how they are getting it done. 


On this episode check out an awesome interview with Greg Everett, author of Olympic Weightlifting: A complete guide for Coaches and Athletes and coach of the Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team. 

Check out more about Greg at Catalyst Athletics

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In this interview Coach Dos interviews Mike Yudin. 


Mike is the go-to baseball, volleyball, and softball strength coach in Southern California. He has helped literally hundreds of athletes play at division 1 and in professional baseball and softball. 


Mike talks about how he went from training in big box gyms to having one of the most state of the art gyms in the country right in his garage.


Mike talks about being a life long learner, and why it has helped him become an awesome coach. 


Learn more about Mike (seriously, every post is about his athletes dominating)


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On this episode dos and I discuss some recent instances of rhabdomyolysis in collegiate strength and conditioning. 


I interview Jim Kielbaso, owner of Total Performance training center in Wixom, Michigan about training for speed. 

We talk about creating horizontal force instead of vertical force. 

How to actually do that, and what it actually means. 

How to coach speed effectively with your athletes, and the right technique for running really fast. 


Learn more about Jim:

Jim's Podcast:


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On this episode I talk to Coach Dos about tempo in strength training and why lifting fast is the way to go. 


I also interview Bobby Smith and Adam Feit of Reach Your Potential Training about: 


How they train female athletes

And their unique training system. 

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On this episode Coach Dos and I discuss doing full Olympic lifts for athletes and why that is suddenly a hot trend and I interview Lee Taft. 

Lee talks about:

The Plyo step and how he discovered it.

How repositioning is the key to reactive speed

the reactive tier system

how he programs for speed with athletes

how to use "corrective" strategies to make athletes faster

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In this episode I talk to Dane Miller of Garage Strength and Earth Fed Muscle about the recent announcement that weightlifting is leaving the Olympic Training Center and The future of American weightlifting (prior to the news that CJ Cummings won a Junior World Championship). 



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