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On this episode Coach Dos and I interview Coach Tim Socha, University of Washington Strength Coach.

Last year, Socha played a key role in the Huskies winning the Pac-12 and earning a berth in the College Football Playoff.  He was named the National Strength Coach of the Year.

We talk about the 4 levels of training at UW. 

How to create competition in your team

How he uses the Olympic lifts with his athletes

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On what might be our best episode ever, Coach Dos and I interview Brian Nguyen.

Brian has gained fame as the trainer of Mark Wahlberg.

Brian shares with us his journey from working in the NFL, to working on movies, running a successful gym. 

How 2 tragedies have shaped his career.

Why all the training tools in the world can't beat your number 1 tool, your heart. 

How connecting with the people around you is what we are made to do. 

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On this episode I interview Mike Yudin, Owner of Team Yudin about his success and his athletes. 

We talk about how he developed 6 MLB draft picks this year. 

How he trains his baseball players and softball players.

If they use Olympic Lifts for baseball and softball.

How he keeps his athletes for 5+ years routinely. 

How he has dominated his local market for training.

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This is a special episode of the Performance Podcast. From the Archives of a show that no one listened to (the performance weightlifting podcast) comes an interview with Greg Everett. The foremost American coach in weightlifting. 


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On this episode coach Dos and I talk about: 

My training leading up to my next weightlifting meet. 

The most successful way to periodize a weightlifting program when you aren't on drugs. 

How this method is very close to alternating linear periodization. 

Why rest is the most important part of your periodization. 

How to bring periodization into group training and why that is the next evolution of group training for the masses. 

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