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On today's episode we have Anthony Renna, author of Be Like the Best: A Guide to Reaching the Top in the Fitness Profession. 

Anthony is the host of the Strength Coach Podcast and co-owner of In this episode he shares the process of writing this monumental book and the things he has learned from interviewing the best coaches in strength and conditioning. 

Learn more and buy the book at


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On this episode I interview collegiate track and field coach, 14x nationals pole vault qualifier Jeff Coover (also one of my best friends) about...

How to sprint faster.
Why the only way to run faster is to run fast.
What transfers from the weightroom to the track.

This is a great episode, check it out!

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In the coach Dos segment we talk about the fallacy of a big 3 and particularly only using those movements to train your athletes. This is a good one!

This week I interview Jimmy Duke of Lift For Life Weightlifting, a non-profit program for at risk youths in St. Louis. Jimmy is the coach of multiple international team members and an incredible coach. He fills us in on how he structures training for the youth athletes he trains.

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