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On this episode Coach Dos goes it solo and talks to Josh Henkin about a very hot topic. 

Knees over toes

Risers for squatting 

and more.

Check out Josh at

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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk to Donnie Maib, Director of Performance for Olympic Sports at the University of Texas. 

We talk to coach Maib on how to reinvent yourself in the performance field. 

How to learn new skills that will make you a better coach. 

How to coach your kids! 

Check out more from Coach Maib at

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On this episode Coach Dos and I interview Bob Alejo from Cal State Northridge. 

We talk about Coach Alejo's incredible experience level and why that's not happening in today's S&C field. 

We talk about "Sports Science" and how that can be a tricky term.

We talk about how Coach Alejo became the only MUST FOLLOW on S&C twitter. 

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