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On this episode Coach Dos and I have a roundtable with Josh Henkin about balance training, barefoot training and power training. 

We go through some of the biggest problems with fitness trends, and how to evaluate good information. 

Learn more about Josh at Ultimate Sandbag

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On this episode we interview Coach Todd Wright, the Vice President of Player Performance for the LA Clippers. 

Coach Wright has one of the best resumes in the game and has unmatched credentials in basketball performance. 

On this episode he talks about influential moments in his career. 

How one player's nagging injury changed the lens with which he views performance.

How to manage a team of experts on a professional staff devoted to player performance.

Check out his gym HERE

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On this episode I interview Coach Lew Caralla. Coach Caralla went viral earlier this year for his incredible speeches to his teams. This might be our best episode ever. 

Coach Caralla talks about his mentors that got him to the place he is now. 

How getting fired in back to back years shaped him and his resolve.

How he became a master motivator to his athletes. 

Why love is overused by coaches and players.

Check out Coach Caralla on instagram

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We are super pumped to have Rick Huegli on this episode. Rick is the S&C director at Lakeside School in Seattle. Prior to that he was the S&C director at the University of Washington for Football. 

We talk about the difference between high school and college coaching.

Why knowing the "person" is the most important factor in coaching high school athletes.

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On this episode I interview Alec Pagan of RPE 11 about coaching strongman. 

He talks about the resistance he's faced coming from "outside" strongman.

The lessons from traditional S&C which inform his programming. 

He talks about the best movements from strongman for traditional strength and conditioning. 

Learn more about Alec on his Instagram

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