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Coach Dos and I talk about why writing your own training program might be one of the most difficult things you can do, and how you might be able to fix it if you decide to write your own training program. We also answer some listener questions. 

In this episode Coach Dos and I talk to creator of the Valslide and celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters. We talk about creating buy in from clients (even famous ones), getting results in a short term, and her favorite story about Jim Carrey. 

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On this episode we talk performance training with the director of human performance at TRX, Chris Frankel. We talk about what people are missing in suspension training, how to properly train energy systems, and why its a bad idea to offer to buy Coach Dos's beer.

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On this episode coach Dos and I answer a backlog of questions, on everything from Olympic lifting, to rowing, to hip thrusts, programming, youth training and more. We cover by far the most ground we have covered in one episode yet!

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In this episode Coach Dos and I discuss CHAOS speed training and why it is the absolute best way to train for speed and agility. Coach Dos also talks about applications of the CHAOS model to group settings, and why the research is always behind the practitioners. We also take listener questions.

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how to squat more weight, how they should look, and why thinking about squats as an exercise and not a movement is a mistake. 

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On this episode Coach Dos and I ask the question "Are you an athlete" and let you know how you should train for your optimal performance at any athletic level. We also answer listener questions. 

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