The Performance Podcast | Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Performance, Fitness, Speed | Wil Fleming and Coach Dos

Coach Dos and I talk about "strength standards," how strong might be too strong (or why chasing that extra strength might not actually help). 

We talk about how we go about getting people strong, clue: consistency. 

We wrap up with a visit from my main man Jack, so listen to the end! 

As always we are brought to you by the NSPA, learn more about my certification, the CWPC, HERE

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We're still back! 2 weeks in a row, I guess you could say it's getting serious. Coach Dos and I talk about athlete development, what's appropriate at different ages, and what's realistic to expect. 


This week's episode is brought to you by the NSPA. Check out the Speed and Power Summit recordings on sale now by going HERE

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The newest episode returns with our new sponsor the NSPA. On this episode me and Dos talk about what's been up, some of the cool new things we have learned since our last episode about a year ago. 


We dive into online training and where the industry is heading. 


Thanks to the NSPA, our sponsor, check out the Complete Speed and Power Summit (which we can't stop talking about) HERE

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