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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk about common Olympic lifting mistakes that we see with athletes and lifters and how to correct them. We also answer a listener question about interval training. Thanks for listening! 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about a missing piece to any athlete's puzzle: rotational training. We talk about the influence of anti-rotation work, and why it would be a mistake to only include anti-rotation. We also talk about how we implement this training for athletes to create more power. We finish the episode answering some listener questions about nutrition and favorite places to eat. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about a recent article talking about the 50 fittest athletes on earth. I bet you'll be surprised to learn who we think is really the fittest athelte on earth, and how you might be able to make your own conclusions. We also answer listener questions about periodization for speed work, and whether single leg Olympic lifting is worthwhile (it's not). 


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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how to approcach continuing education to give the best info you learn to your athletes and clients. We handicap the upcoming Perform Better Seminar in Long Beach and answer questions on the importance of hypertrophy for athletes. 

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