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On this live episode from the NSPA National conference we interview Bobby Smith, owner of RYPT training.

Bobby talks about how he sets the tone with every session everyday in his facility.
How he has become the GO-TO place for female athletes to train in New Jersey.
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On this episode we interview the authors of the new book INTENT: A Practical Application To Sport Science For Athletic Development, Justin Roethlingshoefer and Devan McConnell.
Justin is the strength coach for the San Diego Gulls of the AHL, and Devan is the director of hockey performance at UMASS Lowell.
This episode is packed with the applications for sport science data in your athlete performance programs.
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On this episode recorded live at the NSPA national conference, we have the Godfather of speed, Lee Taft.
We talk about the innateness of speed, vs weightlifting
The Plyo step and it's origins
And the "most athletic thing Lee has ever seen"

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On this episode we have one of our favorite repeat guests ever, Alwyn Cosgrove.
We talk about
What prompted him to get on instagram after avoiding it for a long time.
Why he ran over 30 races in 2017.
Why creating competition opportunities for your clients is a MUST
How to train for obstacle course races and how this growing sport is an untapped market

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On this episode we interview, Donnie Maib, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Sports at the University of Texas.
We talk about:
How he got to UT.
Playing football with Goldberg
Eliminating unimportant data for your athletes
How a 90kg clean changed the way he trains for volleyball
How he trains his top ranked teams on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis.

Connect with Coach Maib on instagram @donniemaib
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