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On this episode, Coach Dos and I have the opportunity to interview our most successful strength coach ever!

Andrea Hudy of UCONN has 9 national titles as a coach, dozens of first round NBA draft picks and has coached some MAJOR basketball programs at Kansas, Texas, and UCONN. 

Coach Hudy talks about the "keys to success" of the teams she's coached. 

She talks about why professionalism is the biggest secret to being a successful coach.

She talks about words of wisdom to young females in the performance field.


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In this episode Dos and I talk about our favorite subject.

Power Development!

We talk about why everyone should be muscle snatching.

How to develop power, how to measure power accurately. 

Why speed and load are important not one or the other.

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Coach Nate Brookreson joins us to talk about how he has developed one of the most extensive networks of performance coaches in the country. 

He talks about the unique challenges he has faced as the Seattle Kraken are set to begin their inaugural season next year, and he gets the chance to build a program completely from scratch.


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On this episode Coach Dos talks with Mike Gattone, USA Weightlifting's Director of Performance and Sport. 

Coach Gattone has had an incredible career and discusses the path he's taken from professional sports (the Chicago Bulls), Sports Marketing with Gatorade, and his time with USA Weightlifting. 

He tells us about working with Al Vermeil. 

How to create a system of training over just exercises.

How using the Olympic lifts are important to performance of field and court athletes.

How Team USA may do at the Olympics this year.

This is a great episode you don't want to miss!

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On this episode Coach Dos and I interview Coach Ron McKeefery. Coach McKeefery ( has one of the most incredible careers in S&C having coached at all levels and has helped 200 coaches move on to professional careers in coaching.

We talk about the key to creating culture with your athletes, and the key with culture for your coaches. 

The current role of technology in S&C. 

His book the CEO Strength Coach

And the importance of being an entrepreneur as a strength coach

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