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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about the different types of periodization you might need to follow and go in depth on our preferred method of periodization. We also answer listener questions about confidence. 

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Coach Dos is back! In episode 32 Coach Dos and I talk about Density training and how it might help you bust through some plateaus. How to do it right and how you might be doing it wrong. We talk about the value of aerobics and even the value of sloppy aerobics. We even answer a question about the best resources for training kids. 

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While Dos is away on vacation, I interview Chad Wesley Smith, founder of Juggernaut Training Systems ( We talk about how he got started, what he has learned from team Juggernaut athletes, How PE is screwed up in the US, the basic tenets of the Juggernaut Method, why belief might be the most important part of a successful program, and the upcoming "Become Unstoppable 3" seminar. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how important the bench press is in programming. We talk about how much it transfers to sport and whether the push press might be a better upper body pressing exercise. We answer listener questions about training for the sport of CrossFit, and whether Olympic lifts are important for older athletes. 

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On this episode I interview a good friend of Coach Dos and me, Pat Cullen Carroll. We talk about his background in weightlifting, and how most people are screwing up Long Term Athletic Development. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk to creator of the Valslide and celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters. We talk about creating buy in from clients (even famous ones), getting results in a short term, and her favorite story about Jim Carrey. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I interview Alwyn Cosgrove about what is working now, and what he sees as the future of training for fat loss and training for performance.