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On this episode coach Dos and I talk about unconventional training tools like the sandbag, sled, kettlebells and more. We give you a blue print on how to consider if they are worthwhile additions to the barbell and dumbbell, and tell you why you are making a big mistake if you are replacing your current tools and not just adding to them. 

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Coach Dos and I are BACK! We talk about getting the most out of your athletes, lifestyle modifcation, and some info I got from Baylor strength coach Kaz Kazidi. Coach Dos and I riff on the idea of "Celebrity Workouts" and who you should listen to! 

Join us WEEKLY from now on on Tuesdays!

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In this episode I talk with Matt Kuzdub of PUSH Strength. Matt is the Sports Scientist behind the awesome technology of the PUSH band. PUSH is an awesome way to track readiness, power output, strength, and speed in your Olympic lifts and training in general. We talk about applications for use for athletes, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting. 

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On this special 50th episode I am on the line with the crew that started it all. I talk with Coach Dos, Josh Henkin, and Chad Skrederstu about the current fitness industry, the future of the fitness industry, and how to be a better trainer. We talk about why internet trainers are the worst, how to spot someone that is making up a program on the spot, and how quantifying your clients readiness is necessary for the best training programs possible. 

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Coach Dos is back! on this episode we talk about strength training for female athletes. What are the differences between males and females, should we look to instagram for how to train athletes, and the mentality of females in the weightroom (hint: they rock!). 

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On this episode I talk with 2 really cool guys trying to change the very nature of Strength and conditioning and performance training in the middle east through their company Kinetik SCJassim Alaamer and Khaled AlNasir are 2 young coaches who have decided to form a company to transform education and the entire fitness profession in the Middle East. 

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This week we talk to all around good guy, and trainer to the stars Ben Bruno. Ben talks about the difference between training athletes, and stars, teams vs. individuals. Listen in to this great episode!

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Steve Maxwell is our guest on the podcast. We talk about his journey as a nomad, and why its useful to have a big backpack. We talk about the benefits of Kettlebells in group training and how much you should prioritize strength in training for athletes. 

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Jim Laird returns in this episode and brings with him Lucy Hendricks. Lucy and Jim do an excellent job of coaching people to better everyday performance and explain their techniques on how to coach breathing to live and perform better each and everyday. 

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Dave Gleason is one of the best performance coaches that I have ever met. Dave works with youth athletes at Athletic Revolution in Pembroke, MA. Dave is world renowned for his coaching abilities and use of long term athletic development to make better athletes. Check him out at



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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how to monitor your athlete's physical state, how much is too much, and what really causes over training

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In this episode, Coach Dos and I talk about Mark Rippetoe's most recent article on, and talk about the problems with internet trainers and strong opinions. 

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On this episode I interview one of my favorite people in the world, Grant Gardis, AKA Rufus Blackbone about hot to teach people to lift, developing youth weightlifters, physical literacy, and more. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about a missing piece to any athlete's puzzle: rotational training. We talk about the influence of anti-rotation work, and why it would be a mistake to only include anti-rotation. We also talk about how we implement this training for athletes to create more power. We finish the episode answering some listener questions about nutrition and favorite places to eat. 

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On this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how to approcach continuing education to give the best info you learn to your athletes and clients. We handicap the upcoming Perform Better Seminar in Long Beach and answer questions on the importance of hypertrophy for athletes. 

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On this episode Coach Dos and I wrap up my experience at USAW nationals and then I interview Jim Laird. Jim and I talk about the culture of too much, knowing what's right for the new trainee, how breathing can improve EVERYTHING, and Jim shares why NO ONE should get a pedicure. 

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On this episode coach Dos and I interview Sue Falsone (, In this episode we talk about the T-spine, the diaphragm as a respirator and stablizer and why that is important, why the personal trainer needs to be equpped to deal with physical therapy issues, the first tool a physical therapist should put in their box, and the first tool a personal trainer should steal from a physical therapist. We also hit on the fact that practice drives research, not the other way around. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about the different types of periodization you might need to follow and go in depth on our preferred method of periodization. We also answer listener questions about confidence. 

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Coach Dos is back! In episode 32 Coach Dos and I talk about Density training and how it might help you bust through some plateaus. How to do it right and how you might be doing it wrong. We talk about the value of aerobics and even the value of sloppy aerobics. We even answer a question about the best resources for training kids. 

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While Dos is away on vacation, I interview Chad Wesley Smith, founder of Juggernaut Training Systems ( We talk about how he got started, what he has learned from team Juggernaut athletes, How PE is screwed up in the US, the basic tenets of the Juggernaut Method, why belief might be the most important part of a successful program, and the upcoming "Become Unstoppable 3" seminar. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk about how important the bench press is in programming. We talk about how much it transfers to sport and whether the push press might be a better upper body pressing exercise. We answer listener questions about training for the sport of CrossFit, and whether Olympic lifts are important for older athletes. 

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On this episode I interview a good friend of Coach Dos and me, Pat Cullen Carroll. We talk about his background in weightlifting, and how most people are screwing up Long Term Athletic Development. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I talk to creator of the Valslide and celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters. We talk about creating buy in from clients (even famous ones), getting results in a short term, and her favorite story about Jim Carrey. 

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In this episode Coach Dos and I interview Alwyn Cosgrove about what is working now, and what he sees as the future of training for fat loss and training for performance.